Reading temperature using rtl_433

I have a cheap little ThermoPro TP50 thermometer that outputs its data on the 433 ISM band.

Using an inexpensive SDR dongle, Raspberry Pi 3, and rtl_433 it is possible to log this data to some kind of data store.

The approach I took - I wrote a python script that consumes the data from rtl_433 and places it on an MQTT queue. The MQTT queue is read and pumps the data into Adafruit IO

Reading power using rtlamr

Power meters are everywhere, and electric companies are getting lazier smarter about how they read these things. What you may not realize is that *anyone* can read the data they output, if they would only listen.

Using the rtlamr library, spending some time with golang and rtl-sdr, you can again get this data, very similar to the rtl_433 experiment I did.